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“I wish for nothing more, I have freedom, I am alive, I am still breathing”

A man escaped from North Korea and tells us his story …

I just finished watching a youtube video of someone who escaped North Korea, not only once, but three times!

After this, you can imagine that all of my complains and worries about daily life looked pretty random and pitiful compared to everything he had to go through. You can see tears starting to come up from his  eyes when he talks about his friend (when he was 12 and living in an orphanage) who died beside him.

He only had one meal per day and it was soup! I definitely recommend you to watch this video even though it is very dishearting and puts everything into perspective. This man perseverance, patience, calmness and faith in God is just remarkable.

Not sure if you know it already but I am originally from Senegal but born/living in France. French people are unfortunately known for being complainers. Simply traveling back to Senegal was enough to realize the chance we have here to go to school, eat, buy clothes and be free to speak.

I am just wondering why we are complaining so much every day? (not only us French people :p )

  • My neighbor has a more successful career!
  • I have big toes
  • My back is in pain every day because of work
  • I am not paid enough
  • and so on …

I am not saying that not complaining is right, because obviously “complains” is what allowed our developed/in development countries to go forward and improve our living conditions: French revolution, Black protests (M. Luther King Rosa parks). It doesn’t also necessary mean that complains are all violent and with no respect for others.

What I am referring to in this post is our daily life complains about how our lives are miserable when we still have food into our plate, clothes to wear and at least one person who loves us.

This man offered an incredible Ted Talk about how it is important to dream and live. He gave this talk while he knew he only had a few months to live because of his cancer. I was here sitting on my couch being all “complainy” about how I should do better. This just didn’t feel right.

These people are real heroes, they are strong, dedicated and perseverant. All of the sudden I felt incredibly weak, this person who escaped North Korea, his only dream when he was younger was to eat a bowl of white rice and an egg! (he hopefully can do so now every day :))


If you are able to eat every day, have clothes on, have a place you call home, and able to go out to breath the fresh (aka polluted) air, then we should be content already.

Easier said than done right? Well here are:

Four tips to live better and complain less

  • Write a list of things you are grateful for regularly

It can be weekly, daily, or monthly. But just write a list of the things you should be grateful for, either be your family, love partner, grades, job, money and any other thing that makes you live better

Keep a master list also on Evernote to have it on the go and look at it when you are diving into sadness and rumination about your life

  • Give a call

Yes, I see you over there!  no texting but calling. Hearing the voice of someone you love just make you feel even more blessed whatever is the reason. This person can also remind you of the chance you have to be alive

  • Pray

If you believe in God or have any other beliefs, focus and pray. The spirituality, quietness, calmness that will raise inside you, will help you calm those ungrateful nerves

  • Get into a problem-solving mode

Alright, so bad things are happening (you can still eat, have a home, etc.) but as we already know what affects us is unfortunately what matters, so you feel bad and upset!

Instead of complaining and crying about it, what about going into problem-solving mode? Get rational and if needed, ask for the help of a mentor or friend you trust. There is surely a solution to your problem.

Let’s say you got fired because of the company’s business situation. That is bad news, but what could you do to not become homeless and go on with your life? a lot of possibilities: revamp your CV, come to an agreement with the company in terms of financial support, go to a partner of this company, ask the network, etc…

Let’s spend our time in solving issues not regretting or trying to change a reality that doesn’t exist …

On that note, I will write to you later…




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