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Uber drive – Episode 1: Be patient, smart and dare to fail

As a girl from the countryside of France, I didn’t have access to this very convenient app: Uber. Now that I live in Paris (:D) I get to have the privilege to use Uber when needed at night for example or when it’s impossible to take public transportations (strike, someone hurt by a train and so on.)

After 4 months of living in Paris, I have reached to an uber driver about 5 times. Almost every time, I stumbled upon amazing human beings who work hard for themselves and their family. Some of them were:

  • Entrepreneurs, Uber is kind of their business
  • Temporary job before getting to where they want
  • A complementary income

Even though I am an introvert, I love talking with people and listening to their stories. It makes the ride more enjoyable and I get to learn new things.

Episode 1: Be patient, smart and go after what you want

After finishing work, there were some issues (again) with my train and I had to take (two) ubers. The first one was with my colleague and another person via uber pool and then the second one, it was me alone. This was by far my favorite drive in an uber. We only had 20 minutes but I have learned so much from this drive that it counted as a one-year workshop on motivation.

The uber driver profile and story

  • About 30 years old
  • Worked previously as an accountant
  • Worked as an uber driver for a year full-time
  • Decided to quit his job as an accountant in order to chase his dream of being an entrepreneur

=> GOAL: Save enough money by being an uber driver to create his company

Key takeaways from our conversation

1: Dare to fail

His desire to be an entrepreneur and run his own business outweighed his fears of failure. As he said, “I won’t have any regrets even if it fails, I would have tried”. According to him, we have to act on our dreams before it is too late. Of course, there is no age to start but we never know how long our life will be …

2: Save money

Being an entrepreneur usually means that you need some resources to start off. The Uber driver had the very smart idea to take his goal and to divide it in two:

  1. Goal 1: Save enough money for a year as an Uber driver
  2. Goal 2: Start his dream company
  3. Goal 3: Start a second company

His parents have always taught him to save money if he wants to improve and advance in his life.

3: Work at least 30 min, every day, on your goal

We may have a full-time job but it’s not a reason to spend time on worthless things. 30 min a day is feasible. Instead of watching TV for 2 hours, let’s just watch it for 1.30h. etc. He gave me this advice when I told him that I didn’t write as much as before. He is right. No excuses, we all have at least 30 min in the morning or in the evening.


What about you? Have you learned anything from conversation in an Uber?

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