There is a very strange connection between our mind and our heart where our intuition comes from. I do believe in God but even if you don’t and believe in the universe or a higher power I am sure you can relate. These times when you have to take a life-changing decision such as accepting a job, or moving to another city/country or choosing a career / subject to major in.

There are several ways to taking a decision (optimal or not for that matter)

1. Your brain (fight and flight response)

You woke on the wrong foot, had a terrible fight with your partner, then had an argument with a friend and to make things worst you didn’t even have time to have a proper lunch. You come back home and you realize you have to decide whether you should accept that new job.

Even though you feel in your heart that the corporate culture, the people or heck even the vision are not aligned with your own values, you still go for it.

Why? Because you used your brain who loves to be pessimistic and making sure that you know all of the things that will go wrong if you don’t have a job: you won’t be able to pay your rent anymore, your love partner will leave you and make things even worse you will just be a failure. So even though you won’t like that job, you can feel it, you will take it.

2. Your heart

Let’s take the same situation but this time, after you came back from that bad day, you decide to sit down and recenter/focus inwards. You notice your heart hurting whenever you think about taking that new job and feel the need to reject it. You also realize that your relationship doesn’t fulfill you and it is time for a change. That is exactly what you did and you followed your intuition. A few months afterward you find the job you were waiting for and the partner with it 😀

You may be thinking, ok Mama, stop dreaming that doesn’t happen! Well, I know several people who are living proof of that and myself included! When I was 17 years old in high school we had to choose afterward which field we would study in University. I was all about psychology but then I don’t know why, but I felt that wasn’t right. I talked to my mom about it and realized that is not going to fulfill me.

Instead, I went to university to study foreign languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish. That led to an incredible series of adventures abroad and self-development. I beat my shyness, social anxiety, learned a lot about myself and gained confidence. I also started writing again but this time in English to touch a broader audience.

I have met several people who followed their intuition too and they are now living in accordance with who they are and what they stand for.

However, I have to be honest here, following your intuition is hard work! It means you have to muster up your courage to take a decision that usually goes against social rules and conformity. It means going out of your comfort zone, being patient and working consistently towards it.

There are 3 steps to following your intuition

1. LISTEN to your own heart

Your heart knows the God (or the universe, higher power) is leading you in the right direction.But if we don’t listen, we get lost … It happens to everyone and it is okay, we can get back on track it is never too late. Gabriel Stein is a wonderful person you can learn from to reconnect with yourself. I strongly recommend the book > you can get it from Amazon or any other retail stores.

2. Take action

Now that you have listened it is time to take action and work hard! Following your intuition instead of your brain or what others have to say takes courage and risk-taking. So take action today. You can do it slowly but you have to commit.

3. Keep on working that intuition muscle

As time pass by you will start to follow more easily your intuition. I promise 🙂 It was hard for me I felt it but didn’t take any action which was totally useless. The more I followed it the easier it got as I got more empowered and attracted more fulfilling thoughts and people into my life.

Reconnecting do your spirituality is key, I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s energy, her book “The Universe has your back” is a gamechanger for me.

It is now your turn, tell me, do you have any regrets of a time you didn’t follow your intuition when you should have?