Hello There!

I am glad to welcome you on my fresh, brand new blog: www.mamasow.com.

When I started my blog about a year and a half ago (mamasow.fr), I wanted to communicate with the English-speaking audience. Why? Because I wanted to reach the widest audience of professionals. After writing over 20 articles both on my blog and LinkedIn, I realized that I didn’t “focus” enough and that my visitors (you 😉 ) were only coming from one source: LinkedIn.

The question is, is it bad to only have one source of traffic?  As I was thinking about that, I went to another field (you know how I am). I started thinking about how important it really is to have various sources and possibilities:

  • One source of revenue
  • One source of joy
  • One source of information
  • One source of expertise

Getting to the core of issues, and finding one reason behind our issues may be a good thing to heal or get better. The same goes when we want to improve and be better at something, focusing on one or two things at the same time provides better results. However, it seems that when we are discussing incoming flows, it starts to gets tricky.

Let’s imagine two different scenarios …

google office

Scenario 1: You are 35 years old with a steady job as a consultant (a very random choice of course, not because I am one 😉 ). Instead of going forward and trying new things you decide to only focus on one domain/field. A few years pass, and you are still on the subject, you are very good at it but at the same time, you missed your promotion. Why? Because in front of you, you had someone with the same expertise BUT who decided to add a source of expertise at the right moment. He has 2 skills while you only have one.

Scenario 2: You are in the middle of preparing your exams for an MBA. As you go on with your research you focus on only one source of information. You learn everything you can on that topic from that website. You then receive an F (bad score) at your test and don’t really understand why since you truly worked hard.

What happened? Obviously, it seems that this website was not a trustworthy source or a very biased source on that specific topic.


It is always important to vary your source of incoming flows: traffic, money, information, …  providing a healthy balance, more prosperity and long lasting results for your business, blog, career, and studies.

What do you think?

Was there a time you should have created, or used, another source to get better results both in life or at work?  Tell me in the comments below and join the discussion.

Until then …