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Characteristics of being a well-rounded leader – 2 years later

If you haven’t read my very first article posted on LinkedIn, you may go and read it first. In this new post I would like to go deeper into my experience at Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan and how even 2 years later it still impacts me. That time in China … After graduating from college in 2015, …

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Uber drive – Episode 1: Be patient, smart and dare to fail

As a girl from the countryside of France, I didn’t have access to this very convenient app: Uber. Now that I live in Paris (:D) I get to have the privilege to use Uber when needed at night for example or when it’s impossible to take public transportations (strike, someone hurt by a train and …


8 characteristics of a well-rounded leader

Article originally published on LinkedIn. The article was also shared by SCYFCO Army School. During my Master’s degree in International Management at Paris 2 – Panthéon Assas last year, I had the chance to participate in a selective 5-day leadership and teamwork programme at the French army officer school: Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan. This intensive programme opened my …