8 ways to improve self-awareness for introverts

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Now, you know you are an introvert. Hopefully, you have read my other article about the fact that you are more than an introvert. The purpose of my blog and videos is truly to: Raise your level of self-awareness.Besides scrolling through introvert memes, (which are great to smile relate to one another). Does it raise your self-awareness? It doesn’t, for one big reason: It doesn’t help you to solve an issue, go forward and grow.Self-awareness is being aware not only of who you are but also your thoughts patterns and your feelings. How do you see the world? Do you have a biased perception of the world?Knowing better about who you are (mind and body), helps you spot those blind spots you had earlier, limiting beliefs and detrimental thought patterns that were blocking you to live the life and career you deserve.

Stay in silence

The first thing I recommend to extroverts and introverts alike; is to get quiet. Quiet your environment, Quiet your thoughts. If you live around a lot of people, then go somewhere else: a coffee shop, a yoga class, a new city. And walk in silence, eat breakfast in silence, write in silence. meditate in silence or simply pray.

This will allow you to tune in to your intuition. Our intuition comes from our higher self. It advises us to do better and sometimes take risks.

Some resistance may arise with thoughts such as:

  • “I am never going to make it”
  • “I don’t deserve it”
  • “I am not enough”
  • “It’s too risky, I will lose everything”

Be aware of those thoughts, and either challenge them (don’t resist them) or let them go, go back to silence or positivity.


Journaling has been extremely therapeutic for me. When I was bullied or dealing with random fights with people I love.

Journaling can be used to deal with anxiety, depression or simply to know more about yourself. Let the pen tell you the truth.

  • Start with a topic on top of the page and talk about your feelings.
  • Then ask why, why, why. The more you ask why the deeper the answer will get. (See the Why method)

Asking yourself the right questions is key to unleash your awareness potential. Here is some example of questions you could ask yourself:

  • Ex: Locked feminine energy
    • Why do I feel uncomfortable using my feminine energy? (then ask yourself why a couple of times)
  • Ex: Eating feelings
    • Why am I consistently in need of eating even when I am bored or when I am sad? (same ask yourself why a couple of times)

Personality tests and quizzes

I am pretty sure you know about this one already, but personality tests such as MBTI or its spin-off: 16personalities, will help you learn more about the way you relate to the world, take decisions, You also have the enneagram and the four tendencies. Those are all very interesting.

Get grounded and get in nature

I have talked about walking in the first method, but I wanted it to be on its own. I can’t even emphasize how important it is to get grounded and evolve in nature. Whether you are a city lover or a cow lover, we all need some greens in our life.

Whether it’s in your food choices or going to a park. Get some good fresh air, go outside and enjoy your own self. Sit down in a park and look around you: the flowers and the people. You can even take your journal with you or a good book. Ideas usually flow when you recenter, getting you to know yourself even better.

Read books or watch videos

Well, I guess there is nothing much to say here, but reading books can open up your eyes to what is happening in your life and your own beliefs: limiting or not. If you don’t enjoy reading much (which I doubt since you are reading this article right now 😉 ) I would suggest, videos either on Youtube or in a formal training. You may hear the same thing over and over again until you find that one person that makes it tick!

Ask for a 360-degrees analysis

We all need some validation, after doing your self-awareness job alone, turn to your close family and friends, ask them what they believe are your core strengths, qualities, and even weaknesses, so that you can go forward in life. We all have blind spots that even our subconscious don’t know about.

Take a break and change your routine

As a career crusher, you have been working hard in the office. The issue is you are on a “life” high-speed train and you can barely keep up. Daily activities make you exhausted and you feel like you are a robot, or seeing someone else living your life.

If that’s your case, take a break! I have been there and doesn’t feel good. Take a weekend off to another city, go with your boo or best friend somewhere, just relax and forget about your daily duties at work or after/before work.

Go out of your comfort zone for a short period

Go out of your comfort zone! Not taking risks, won’t help you to learn more about yourself. if you are looking for the career of your life, your life purpose, you gotta take action and try new things. If you are graduating soon but feel distressed about what kind of job you should do as an introvert: go and do internships in different fields. The more you live life the clearer you will get.

If you have been working for a year or two, and don’t feel at ease where you are. Then, make your CV and start looking for a new job! You don’t have to quit but start taking action and exploring on the side new fields or another industry. Ask for a move in your company if it interests you and you love the company culture.

Mama Sow
Owner of Introvertblossom.com and Youtuber

Mama Sow

Owner of Introvertblossom.com and Youtuber


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