5 unique ways to communicate more efficiently

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1: Doodling


My favorite creative way to communicate I discovered through Pinterest and LinkedIn is doodling. Doodling has been for a long time seen as something we do when we are bored. Something we just draw on a piece of paper but has no intrinsic value.

Actually, even on Wikipedia, the first sentence of the doodle Wiki page is “A doodle is a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.” … Well, it is not true anymore! People are starting to understand the power of doodling not only for children but for adults too.

A Neuroscience professor from the University of Texas (A&M), stated that doodles enable our memory to create a kind of a puzzle and promote the creation of “Story Chains”.  If you are still not convinced, I strongly encourage you to watch Sunni Brown’s Ted Talk about the power of doodling.

Tanmay Vora from India runs a blog called Qaspire where he shares his own doodles filled with powerful information about change management and leadership.

As you can see below, he shares this sketch note that I particularly like about 5 leadership traits. Another doodler/blogger I like to follow is Jon Youshaei. He is a famous blogger, marketing professional at Google and CEO of Every vowel.

2: Mind Mapping


What is mind mapping? Mind mapping is basically taking a piece of paper or whiteboard, write a keyword at the center, draw arrows towards words or concepts which connect with this keyword. This can go on and on as 0 connection concepts do not exist.

This is a powerful tool if you and your team are trying to brainstorm new ideas for a project or an issue. It doesn’t only help you to get more ideas but also to analyze and remember information.


3: Use a whiteboard and draw tables


During my apprenticeship, my former manager loved to take a board pen and draw tables on a whiteboard to clarify what he wanted us to do. He also used this technique when we had to brainstorm ideas to resolve an issue. This helped him and us to visualize the potential solutions we had. I also used this technique to organize my ideas for my +100 page Master’s thesis. This helped me tremendously to gain clarity.

4: Create an infographic


Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms. It allows its users to “pin” any image/picture found on the web and to add to our own virtual notebook called a “board” on Pinterest. The perfect way to use this powerful tool for your blog or even business is by creating infographics.

Infographics have long been used in a “physical setting”. To explain to employees how to sit better at their desk, how to register for a certain administrative procedure, etc. This is now digital and you can find a variety of high-quality infographic about job hunting, career advice, health, nutrition, social media, marketing, report based statistics, …

Of course, infographics can also be used on LinkedIn to share career / professional related advice. You can see here an infographic I found on Pinterest posted by IntelligentHQ

If you want to create your own infographics for free to post on your blog or Linkedin here are a couple of free online tools:

If you want more information and 7 other free tools you can go ahead and read this article from Creativebloq.com.

5: Use 3D or miniatures to get a better idea of your ideas


When trying to create a new product, we have to brainstorm ideas, reach out to other teams (engineers, marketing, finance, …), create a prototype and “test the waters”. All of this can take a lot of time and money.

What about using a 3D software to visualize and conceptualize your ideal product? This will cost less and allow you or your team members to show the future product during presentations or meetings. I just found this website called Sketchup, which allows you to simply create your own 3D creation. You don’t have to be a 3D expert because most of the technical steps are made easier for the user.

If you would like to use a computer software, Hong Kiat wrote a great article summarizing the best 25 free 3D modeling software.

As you can see, writing is not the only way to share information and communicate with others. Doodling, Using tables on a whiteboard, mind mapping and 3D modeling are the tools you should be using more to ensure more clarity.

Don’t hesitate to share this article and tell me in the comments if there are any other innovative ways to communicate more efficiently with others!


Mama Sow
Owner of Introvertblossom.com and Youtuber

Mama Sow

Owner of Introvertblossom.com and Youtuber


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