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26 ans et toutes ses dents (ou presque)

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Je planifie, communique et coordonne des projets internationaux,web. J’ai plus de 10 ans d’expérience en création de contenus web (depuis mes 13 ans), 7 ans en communication interculturelle (Asie sud-est) et 2 ans en marketing du contenu, gestion de projet et communication interculturelle.  


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Vous travaillez avec des indiens, des chinois, des américains et vous rencontrez des difficultés de communication? Késako les membres de l’équipe vous disent! Ca tombe bien, j’ai ce qu’il vous faut!

parceque la communication interculturelle, c’est pas si simple!

8 characteristics of a well-rounded leader

Article originally published on LinkedIn. The article was also shared by SCYFCO Army School. In 2015, during the last year of my Master's degree in Paris, I had the chance to participate in a selective 5-day leadership and teamwork programme at the French army officer...

Don’t be mono-source …

Hello There! I am glad to welcome you on my fresh, brand new blog: When I started my blog about a year and a half ago (, I wanted to communicate with the English-speaking audience. Why? Because I wanted to reach the widest audience of...

Does multitasking kill our productivity?

Are you working on a project deliverable while looking at your inbox and texting your friends all at the same time? Well, I am sorry to have to disclose this information to you, but your productivity may be suffering right now. But don’t worry, you are not alone!...


Mama spent a year with us as an apprentice, working on some digital projects and liaising with counterparts from several European countries. The main project delegated to her was a collaborative platform deployed not only with our filiales but also within the Renault dealer network. Mama took great pride in this responsibility and she rapidly established herself as a key part of the team. She is driven and organized whilst remaining very open-minded and keen to learn. She will adapt well to any team, and she will perform, especially in an international environment.

Jean-Christophe Friedierici, Responsable développement réseau @ Renault SAS, FRANCE

Je vous recommande vraiment Mama si vous cherchez une personne sérieuse , d'impliqué et qui a le sens du Digital. Une très bonne recrue pour notre agence.

Olivier Verot, CEO @ GMA Marketing Agency, CHINE

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